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Automatic Sprinkler System

Automatic sprinkler systems are one of the many ways that a homeowner can not only add value to the resale value of their house, but they can ensure that their landscaping stays beautiful and appealing to look at, and also helps them to maintain their lawn and garden in a cost efficient and economical manner.

Cost Containment
One of the largest advantages of installing a modern automatic sprinkler system is that these awesome systems will allow a homeowner to control how much water they are using and when they can turn the system on and off. All too often, some homeowners who use an old fashioned manual sprinkler system, forget that they have the sprinkler on and they end up wasting many gallons of this precious water, not to mention the fact that they drive their water meter (and their bill) through the roof. This results in the water not only being left on too long, but that the garden becomes flooded and a soggy mess, just like a swamp.

Sprinkler Timing

Automatic sprinklers systems usually contain an automatic timer system, which will allow the homeowner to not only control exactly how long each sprinkler zone is watered, but also allows the person to determine the times and days of the week that the sprinklers are turned on and running. As more communities attempt to control just exactly when homeowners are allowed to use their sprinkler systems (a scary thought), automatic sprinkler systems really make more and more sense than ever before.

Many homeowners find that they can install an automatic sprinkler system themselves over the course of a weekend. It is a major job, and this is a project that requires a great deal of digging and some serious planning for the different zones, but it is not an impossible project. The help of an assistant will make the project move along more quickly. Some folks who are new to do-it-yourself projects may want to leave this one to the professionals, however, it can be learned and done nicely if you take your time and do it correctly. You would save a great deal of money by doing it yourself, as with any repair or installation job around the house.

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