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Double Sink Vanity Advantages

Author: Julia Ritzenthaler

Copyright (c) 2009 Julia Ritzenthaler

A double sink vanity is an incredibly popular home design item these days. They are extremely stylish and provide a fantastic combination of form and function. If you\'re considering a vanity with two sinks, read on for information on the advantages of double sinks and a few tips on applying this type of vanity to your bathroom design.

Double sinks look great when they fit the dimensions of the room nicely; they also provide personal space in the bathroom for individuals living together in the same house. Large vanities come in every decor style imaginable and they are great for bringing together the aesthetic and function of the room design.

A bathroom vanity with two sinks is very practical. Two people can save a considerable amount of time just by having two sinks in one bathroom. Small bathroom can have a double vanity too, they are available as narrow as 48 inches on the online shopping market. They are available as narrow as 47 inches wide.

The basic components of a double sink vanity include the countertop, cabinet, basins, fixtures, and hardware such as knobs and drawer pulls. You have two options, you can look for each item individually or you can look at furniture style complete vanities. With furniture style vanities, you will be able to shop by style, size, whatever your primary need is and you will probably save some money that way too.

Selecting Your Double Sink Bathroom Vanity: Get on line and start shopping for a new vanity. As the double sink vanity gains in popularity, there are many more options. The challenge here is to find one that fits the taste of both you and your spouse and that fits with the decor style you are trying to achieve. Figure out how much you can afford, then start shopping for items you like in that price range.

Things to Consider:
*The cabinets: Think about your storage needs, do you need a lot of cabinet space or is design your focus?
*The vanity top: You have many options here, natural stone, marble, granite, composite materials, and more.
*The sink: Choose from traditional under mount sinks, drop ins, and vessel styles.
*The hardware: Choose from finishes like chrome, bronze, brushed metals, and even hidden carved pulls.

As with any home project, safety is the number one priority. Work with a buddy, and if you are not experienced with plumbing, don\'t be afraid to look into a professional plumber for that portion of the project.

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